How much do overhead cranes cost? Considering they come in a variety of types, sizes, capacities and more, you can imagine that the prices vary immensely. Looking at some of the prices of these cranes, I see one tht is a 3 ton crane for right near $13k. I see a 10 ton crane listed for around $20k. That’s $7k difference, but in that range is the price that I see most of the overhead cranes listed for.

bridge Crane monorriel
Overhead Crane Monorriel Suspent

Now that being said, there are some really powerful 100 ton cranes(100 ton de puente grúa weihua), too. You can imagine that those might cost a bit more. Have you purchased an overhead crane system for your facility before? If you need a tracking system, then you’re going to have to take into account those costs as well. Keep that in mind as you price overhead cranes(mejor calidad en weihua puente grua), whether you get a gantry crane, bridge crane or another type.

Bridge Crane Birriel
Cranes Overhead Birriel

The average load or capacity sure does matter when it comes to the cost of the crane as you can see. You will want to know the capacity you are looking for in order to begin to price the cranes out there. You will also want to ask about installation if you are going to need help with that, too. Keep in mind that crane maintenance should also be factored in to what it’s going to cost you to get an overhead crane(grua viajera pequeño).

Bridge Crane yellow
Overhead Crane Yellow Weihua

These cranes are used in a variety of different industries(industrial grua weihua). They can feature custom designs, and therefore, the price can truly be individual to the buyer. That tells you that you’re going to need to talk to manufacturers in order to make sure that you get the custom price for your project.

Yet you can still get a ballpark figure by searching overhead crane prices online(web de puente grua). That’s what I did, and I found the prices that I mentioned in a previous paragraph. Do you have anywhere from $13k to $20k to spend on a crane? If so, hopefully you will find out that your customized setup falls in that range. It would be nice to know that you can get a crane for that prices you’re seeing, but remember, each case is different.

Look at the types of overhead cranes before you start talking to a manufacturer. Think about the type you need set up, and consider the capacity and other features. Narrow down your choices as much as you can, and then you can ask the manufacturer some questions. Naturally, you’re going to have to choose which manufacturer you’re going to be working with, too.

This project is a big one. Setting up an overhead crane at your facility is no small feat. The costs don’t need to be through the roof(el techo), however, so you’re going to want to get down to the specifics. If you can take a look at the cranes available and make a decision about which manufacturer to talk to, you will be well on your way to picking out the crane you need.


What Is The Price Range For Overhead Cranes?